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About Us

Mila and Tony Kalloo

...could easily be described as salt of the earth type people, not unlike the hardworking, unpretentious individuals that populate the backstretches of racetracks in North America. Tony was employed in a custodial capacity at a Toronto hospital several years ago when he met Mila, a nurse. Theyve been married for 15 years.
In January of 2007, Tony realized one Tuesday afternoon that hed forgotten to check his Super-7 ticket. He walked into a store, had the ticket checked by the terminal and in moments, his life and that of Milas changed dramatically. Tonys ticket was worth $16million.
Tony and Mila have two children Melanie is 15 and a brilliant student who dreams of being a surgeon, and Orion who is 9. They also have a number of close friends, one of whom is Toronto broadcaster Peter Gross. Gross met the Kalloos ten years ago when he first hired Mila to babysit his children.
Several months after they won the lottery, the Kalloos were asked to consider a proposal from Gross to invest in Down The Stretch.
They didnt even blink.

Peter Gross

...has spent most of the past thirty years immersed in the mainstream media of Toronto. He is recognized for his many years as a sports reporter and humorist with CITY-TV and his voice is familiar to radio listeners because of his morning sportscasts on 680News, Canadas most listened-to AM radio station. Gross is also notorious for his passion for the ponies and his love of betting. In various capacities, Gross has been reporting on and writing about horse racing from his earliest inception in local broadcasting; in fact his first feature story for CITY-TV predated the first Citypulse News. In May of 1977, he produced a story on How to Bet the Horses. He picked a horse called Fort Prevel to win a sprint and persuaded his fellow employees to participate in a $100 win ticket. Fort Prevel won and, at odds of 9-2, returned $450.
In his history with the horseraces, Gross has driven the winner of a media harness race, had a thoroughbred race named in his honour, announced a few races (badly), scarfed down dozens of Queens Plate Barbeques, ridden quarterhorses, watched in the stands at Churchill Downs as Awesome Again won the Breeders Cup Classic and in 2005, he won the Jockey Club of Canadas Sovereign Award for best feature story.
Peter Gross has contributed horse racing articles to several publications over the years, but this is his first venture into the world of publishing.


Associate Editor
Eleanor LeBlanc a long time horse racing fan whose experiences run the gamut from witnessing astounding victories like Secretariat's Triple Crown triumphs to the heartbreak of Ruffian's life-ending injury during her match race with Foolish Pleasure. It was a serendipitous turn of fate when she made the acquaintance of Peter Gross in 2005 when his car broke down in front of her house and he came to her door, asking for the phone number of a tow truck. Their friendship has flourished because of their mutual interest in horse racing and has culminated in the decision to produce Down The Stretch. When she's not applying her skills to the paper, Eleanor can be found at the barn, or in the vertebrate palaeontology lab at the Royal Ontario Museum where she is a part-time preparator, working on dinosaurs. Eleanor has two children, married daughter Kate and son Pete, and lives in the country just a few furlongs up the highway from Woodbine Racetrack.


Rob Gabriele Jr. a three-time Nobel Peace Prize winner, World-Series Hulahoop Champion '02 & '03, married into royalty, and has written the lyrics for many Elvis songs which is an incredible feat considering Rob was born several years after Elvis died.
Rob is a lover of all animals and has many pets. His interests include web design, film, drumming, stretching the truth, and showering with socks on.